2015 Photo Project: 8 + 9

Look at that, halfway through January and I am already behind. 🙂 I love this elevator image, even though it is grainy and low-quality and off-kilter. There is something about it that really speaks to me. And more school pictures. Beacons in the darkness.

Both of these images were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and edited using VSCOcam.



And! Here is the January photo for my monthly river valley subcategory. This bridge is one of my favorite places in the whole city, and I love taking photos of it. I am really excited to come back to this same spot every month and see how it changes over the year.


ISO 200  ||  50 mm at f/4.0  ||  1/160

Find the rest of the project here.

PS. Did I just post twice in one day?! What the what!

2015 Photo Project: 8 + 9

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