2015 Photo Project: DEF

D is for Doorway

I was feeling restless and anxious the other night, like a wild animal in a cage (also known as our apartment) so I took myself down to my building’s yoga studio, where I sat in the dark and the quiet and the emptiness, and let my soul calm down a little. I took this photo there. I think it quite accurately encompasses how I felt in there: dark, but letting a little light in, and just this side of blurry.



E is for Eyeglasses

I love my glasses. I could wear contacts, but why? I also love the colors in this shot. Blue! So much blue.


F is for Fog

Another less-than-sharp picture, but I think the blur really adds to the ambiance of the shot. Fog is, after all, not known for its clarity (was that an overexplain?).


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2015 Photo Project: DEF

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