2015 Photo Project: QRSTU + Bryan + River Valley

I knew that I needed to head back to the same spot where I snapped the river valley photo from last month before the end of February, so, on Saturday, with the sun high and blinding in the sky, I set out for a solo photo walk along the river. While it was beautiful and refreshing, it was also treacherous. The weather has been so all over the place lately, the path was pretty much sheer ice and I found myself on my ass more than once. Worth it, though. I snagged a few good shots.

Q is for Quilt

My grandma made this quilt for me for Christmas five or so years ago and I have slept under it nearly every day since.


R is for Riverboat


S is for Street Sign


T is for Table


U is for Under the Bridge

This image is a throwback to one of the very first images I took with my upgraded point and shoot a couple of years ago, when I first began learning about more advanced photography. I am still really proud of that original shot, and I like the juxtaposition between the two.


Now I have the easiest letters in the alphabet left: VWXYZ. :-S

February Portrait of Bryan

Bryan turned 25 last weekend, so we celebrated at Julio’s Barrio. With sparklers, of course. This photo was taken on my phone, obviously, but I quite like it; I think the sparkler came out really well, and the graininess adds to the mood.


February River Valley Shot

Quite a different mood in this shot compared to January’s!


Bonus Shot Just Because I Like It

As I was walking – okay, slipping and sliding – my way back to the apartment, I happened to glance down and see this little guy, clear as day. It was too perfect, I had to take a picture.


Find the rest of the photo project here. I am trying out a new gallery plug-in; let me know what you think!

2015 Photo Project: QRSTU + Bryan + River Valley

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