2015 Photo Project: VWXYZ

Well, these were definitely the easiest letters to come up with items for. -_- But I managed! And now another month has flown by and I am on to the next theme (letters and numbers, which, I’ll admit, sounds similar to February but is, in fact, quite different: words and typography and cool looking numbers are the name of March’s game).

V is for Vinegar


ISO 800  ||  28 mm at f/4.0  ||  1/4000

W is for Wand

(I got it at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It’s Luna’s wand.)



ISO 800  ||  38 mm at f/4.0  ||  1/4000

X is for Xi

(X was the hardest. So so hard to come up with something. So I decided to make a Greek letter out of office supplies, because why not? What object would you have chosen?)


ISO 1600  ||  40 mm at f/4.5  ||  1/25

Y is for Yogurt

(Not an advertisement for Chapman’s Frozen Yogurt. But this stuff is damn good)


ISO 800  ||  38 mm at f/4.0  ||  1/160


Z is for Zoom

Long exposures are SO FUN. I really want to do another one soon. I love how this happy accident shot turned out. Bryan raved about it. Which I count as pretty high praise, indeed. 🙂


ISO 100  ||  75 mm at f/10  ||  20.0 seconds

Bonus shot because long exposures are fun:

Look at all those zoom-y lights!


ISO 100  ||  28 mm at f/10  ||  20 seconds

So that’s it for February! Which was your favorite photo from this theme? Check out the whole project here.

2015 Photo Project: VWXYZ

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