2015 Photo Project: DEF

D is for Doorway

I was feeling restless and anxious the other night, like a wild animal in a cage (also known as our apartment) so I took myself down to my building’s yoga studio, where I sat in the dark and the quiet and the emptiness, and let my soul calm down a little. I took this photo there. I think it quite accurately encompasses how I felt in there: dark, but letting a little light in, and just this side of blurry.



E is for Eyeglasses

I love my glasses. I could wear contacts, but why? I also love the colors in this shot. Blue! So much blue.


F is for Fog

Another less-than-sharp picture, but I think the blur really adds to the ambiance of the shot. Fog is, after all, not known for its clarity (was that an overexplain?).


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2015 Photo Project: DEF

We Bought the Tickets

Moyan Brenn © 2010 under Creative Commons
Moyan Brenn © 2010 under Creative Commons

The blue line moved like a turtle across the screen. “Almost there!” it promised, then inched another millimetre forwards. “Just about!” I squeezed my eyes shut; I couldn’t take the tension. When I opened them again, the progress bar jumped the last gap and our ticket information popped up instead.

A rush of exultation. A squeal of delight. A high-five.

We are going to Paris.

This was not a well-thought out, carefully considered plan. This was not something that we had meticulously planned for, or planned for at all. We hadn’t perused our savings, trying to determine if we could afford the trip.

We found an amazing deal on flights ($1200 roundtrip FOR BOTH OF US, including a 2 day stop in Helsinki) and we took about twelve hours to decide that this was something that we needed to do.

We can’t afford the whole trip right now, but that’s okay, because it isn’t until the fall. We can afford the plane tickets. So we bought them. We bought the tickets, and the beautiful thing is that now? We have to make it work. Even though it is a steal of a deal (my flight to Ireland a couple of years ago was more than both our flights combined), it is still not chump change, and reneging on that commitment simply isn’t an option. Instead of waiting until everything was perfect, we decided to take the plunge instead. It’s something that I’m working on: putting things into action before they are flawless.

So we are going to Paris. And even if we have to stay in a hostel (which I am not a big fan of), and live off of baguettes and cheese for ten days, I don’t care. Because we are going to the City of Love. We are going to see the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre and Montmartre and the Seine. We are going to the place where the Lost Generation lived and loved and created, a city that I have been dreaming of for most of my life.

So even though I look at my account balance and feel a bit of a twinge, I am mostly flush with anticipation. We are investing in our dreams over here. And eight months is plenty of time to squirrel away more cash to make it the best trip we can.

Have you ever taken the plunge and just bought the ticket? And, on a more practical note, if you’ve been to Paris, what do you recommend that we do, outside of the obvious?

We Bought the Tickets

2015 Photo Project: ABC

New month, new theme! February’s theme is the ABCs: taking pictures of objects that start with each letter of the alphabet. I am excited to get really creative with this one! I am also excited to be able to take pictures of things that are in my own home, so I don’t always have to leave to get ahead on the project; though I do love a good photo walk and will most certainly not be phasing those out.

Without further ado, here are the first three photos in the alphabet series!

A is for Apple


I had so much fun moving this apple all over our apartment, trying to find an interesting shot. I ended up really loving this one.

B is for Books (and Briefcase!)


We found this briefcase at Value Village for something like $15. We now use it to corral our many library books, magazines, and sketching accoutrements. It is one of my favorite things in our living room/office/dining area.

C is for Cup


I had the idea that I wanted to photograph my Starbucks cup with my favorite view in the city. And then I saw this little piece of graffiti and knew it was fate.

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2015 Photo Project: ABC