Current Obsessions: May 9, 2014


Printstagram. Obsessed with the prints that I got from them. Even better, when I was having issues, they offered me excellent customer service. I was using the app, ordering about 160 photos, and it was consistently crashing in the middle of the upload. I contacted customer service and Jenny gave me a few tips as to what I could do to make it work better. I tried them all, and it was still doing the same thing, so I asked if it was possible to make two orders and only pay shipping once. Jenny was extremely accommodating of my request, and immediately made that happen for me. Less than a week later, I got my prints in the mail, and I’m so pleased! If you are looking for prints of your Instagram photos, I definitely recommend Printstagram. Just remember that Instagram’s render quality can be pretty low, so if your photos come out grainy or whatever, that’s why.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Taylor Swift.

Related to the above, I’ve been rediscovering Taylor Swift’s Red album. It has been playing non-stop in my car to and from work, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Does anyone else remember this?


Current Obsessions: May 9, 2014

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