November Book Discussion: Bone Gap


Oh man, you guys, I think this is my favorite book that we have read for this book club. There were just so many things to love about it: themes of inner vs outer beauty, male and female power, magical realism, beautiful prose, fabulous characters. Really, I could go on and on. Do you get the point that I loved Bone Gap?!

So here we go, diving into the November discussion. This is my second last audio discussion before the baby comes! Crazy pants. Hope you guys enjoy it. Remember to leave your comments below and check back to see what other readers thought!

Quick summary:

  • themes of external vs internal beauty
    • all the men who think Roza owes them something because she is beautiful and get upset when she doesn’t want them
    • Finn’s prosopagnosia and how it relates to his relationship with Petey
      • Isn’t that what love is, seeing things that others can’t?
    • how Sean respects her wishes and that automatically puts him on a different level than the other men she has encountered before
  • all the ways in which people leave: Didi, Hugh, Petey’s dad, Roza
  • Finn and Sean’s relationship
  • the magical realism elements were limited but pretty seamless, except for the random horse riding through weird, magical worlds, which I thought was a bit strange
  • the beautiful, beautiful prose that created such a rich and wonderful atmosphere and setting

(Remember, December’s book selection is If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo. You can find the other Young Adulters Book Club posts here.)

November Book Discussion: Bone Gap

3 thoughts on “November Book Discussion: Bone Gap

  1. Jeri Wolf says:

    As always, I enjoyed your commentary and insights very much. I don’t have anything to add to the discussion this month as I got two pages into the book and realized I had read it. I chose not to read it again and hoped I would remember enough about it to contribute to the discussion. After listening to you, I discovered that I didn’t. I do remember that I enjoyed it, but beyond that I have nothing 🙂

  2. Valerie Steckler says:

    I also very much enjoyed your commentary. You always amaze me. You find things in books that only dawn on me once I hear them from you. Like magical realism! Awesome term for a ‘feel’ about the book I just could not label. (I did not know that ‘harvest’ was your favourite word – I thought it was ‘moist’. Ha!)
    I quite enjoyed the book but not to the level that you did. I can’t quite pin down what was missing because I enjoyed all the main characters; the story was sweet and mysterious and thought provoking; it was very well written; and it kept me interested and engaged.
    Petey and Finn’s relationship was very well developed. I liked the way the author showed that both pretty and not pretty come with their own set of issues. It was really neat to see the Rude boys come around to feeling bad for Petey when they perceived Finn’s unfair treatment of her. I also think Roza let Finn touch her because Roza sensed Finn’s intentions were unlike all other men’s. She intuitively grasped that he saw beyond her beauty. Although beyond is likely the wrong word. She did not know Sean well enough at that point to allow him to touch her, even in a purely medical way.
    I agree with you on the stallion ride through the magical forests. That was just out there unless the reader did not already guess there was something ‘supernatural’ about Bone Gap.
    I would have liked to get to know Miguel’s character a little bit more. Ruby alluded to his sensory perception (could hear the corn talk, the whole sleep walking scene) but she seemed to keep him pretty much on the periphery.
    So all in all, I give it about 3.5 out of 5.

    1. Ah, I didn’t even think about Miguel’s sensory perception! Perhaps because, as you say, he was really kept on the periphery. But that is interesting that that ties into themes of “seeing beyond” as well. 🙂

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