2015 Photo Project: Portrait of the Artist’s Husband as a Young Man

This month’s theme is portraits. I have much more of an interest in this, and a subject that I love putting in front of my camera. Last week, Bryan and I took a walk through the river valley on a lovely, cloudy day (perfect light for pictures) and he allowed me to prop him in front of various things and take pictures from a thousand angles, yelling awkward directions like, “Uh, could you not hold your head like that?” and “Stand up STRAIGHT, you look like an old man!” (Yeah, my photography bedside manner could use some polishing, haha.) It was really fun and I got a few shots that I am quite happy with. I am looking forward to doing it again soon! Maybe with a different model this time? (Any volunteers? I promise I won’t yell at you!)

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I can’t believe the project is halfway done and I didn’t even realize it!

(Find the rest of the photo project here.)

2015 Photo Project: Portrait of the Artist’s Husband as a Young Man

2015 Photo Project: Night Life

This photo project has been a bit of an after thought for me in the last few months. In the waning days of the month, I look out the window and think, “Oh yeah. I need to take those pictures.” And then I shrug, and go about doing whatever I was doing before.

Perhaps it is that the themes aren’t particularly inspiring me at the moment. Or perhaps it is that my creative energy is being put to different uses. Either way, I think it is useful, in its way, to have a creative project that I am not really invested in. It is teaching me to do it even when I don’t really want to. Doing the work, even when it doesn’t exactly excite me.

That being said, while the project was an after thought, and I didn’t even manage to get a shot of the river valley (AGAIN, I know, I know), I did get some images that I really, really like in June. So there’s that.

Without further ado, I present you with: Night Life.

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What about you? Have you been flagging on any projects lately, or have you in the past? Did you pull out of it, or just grind your way through?

(Find the rest of the photo project here.)

2015 Photo Project: Night Life

2015 Photo Project: The Macro Challenge

What is the macro challenge, you ask? This: figure out a way to make a bunch of close-ups of random stuff look interesting. Step number one was making sure that I took photos of more than just plants. Step two was … well, I didn’t really have a step two.

Originally, the theme for May was portraits. But when May 22 rolled around and I had taken only one (blurry, badly composed, defiantly subpar) photo, I knew I needed to change things up. I’d been falling behind on this project for a while already, and I didn’t want to continue that downward spiral. So I made the executive decision to switch the themes for May and July; I’ll be doing those portraits in the summer instead. May is a fabulous time for macros anyway: spring is in full swing around me, and all I want to do is bury my nose in all the delicious details anyway.

So here are a few (if 26 can be called “a few”) from the photo walk that I took last week! It felt so great to get out of the apartment and just wander around with my camera. I forgot how creatively liberating that can be.

[FinalTilesGallery id=’8′]

Also, here is my river valley photo of my favorite bridge, from a slightly different perspective. I dig this photo pretty hard.

ISO 100  ||  28 mm at f/10  ||  1/125
ISO 100 || 28 mm at f/10 || 1/125

And two portraits of Bryan. Haven’t decided which one to officially include in the project yet.





Check out the rest of the photo project here. I think May macros has been my favorite so far. What about you? Do you have a favorite from this series, or are you working on a year-long project of your own? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

2015 Photo Project: The Macro Challenge

2015 Photo Project: Vegas Edition

April’s theme is architecture, and, lucky for me, we hit up a hotspot for cool buildings earlier this month. All of these photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4. Welcome to Vegas!



The next three photos are from the Aria hotel, which had a ton of beautiful features.





Can’t get out of Vegas without at least one shot of the replica Eiffel Tower (can’t wait to get a shot of the real thing in October!!).



Some sweet stained glass windows in the lobby of the Excalibur.



The Bellagio is such a gorgeous building, especially against that insaaaane blue sky.



I had fun taking a few shots through the windows in the Bellagio. I liked this one the best.



Caesar’s Palace. Gotta love a good column.



Bellagio at dusk.



The Cosmopolitan. I love the juxtaposition between the ultra-modern Cosmopolitan and the more old-world sophistication of the Bellagio right beside it.



The Mob Museum! Such a cool experience. You should go.



Check out the full project here. I can’t believe my 2015 photo project is almost 1/3 over! Where is 2015 running off to?!

2015 Photo Project: Vegas Edition

2015 Photo Project: I Didn’t Completely Fail at March

I failed a lot less than I thought, actually, so that’s nice.

I didn’t manage to get a photo of the river valley from my usual spot, so the super grainy, low quality snap I got from the other side will have to suffice for this month. I did, however, manage to get a decent portrait of Bryan, as well as 25 of the 31 photos I aimed for. Considering how uninspired I felt by this theme, and how difficult I thought it was, I ended up with a lot more photos than I thought I had. Go me.

So here are the last of March’s pictures, and good riddance to this theme. Onwards and upwards to April: architecture.

All photos for March (except Bryan’s portrait) were taken on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and edited with VSCOcam.























ISO 400  ||  28 mm at f/5.0  ||  1/6 

Find the whole project here. Which was your favorite from this month? Share your thoughts and whatever projects you have been working on in the comments.

2015 Photo Project: I Didn’t Completely Fail at March

2015 Photo Project: March Has Been a Slow Month

I am so very far behind on March’s theme (letters and numbers). Oh well, chalk it up to spring fever, depression, and my current inability to focus on anything.

Here is what I’ve got so far! All of these were taken on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and edited in VSCOcam.












River Valley shot, from a different angle:


I am not finding this theme particularly inspiring. I will be glad when I am on to April!


2015 Photo Project: March Has Been a Slow Month

2015 Photo Project: VWXYZ

Well, these were definitely the easiest letters to come up with items for. -_- But I managed! And now another month has flown by and I am on to the next theme (letters and numbers, which, I’ll admit, sounds similar to February but is, in fact, quite different: words and typography and cool looking numbers are the name of March’s game).

V is for Vinegar


ISO 800  ||  28 mm at f/4.0  ||  1/4000

W is for Wand

(I got it at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It’s Luna’s wand.)



ISO 800  ||  38 mm at f/4.0  ||  1/4000

X is for Xi

(X was the hardest. So so hard to come up with something. So I decided to make a Greek letter out of office supplies, because why not? What object would you have chosen?)


ISO 1600  ||  40 mm at f/4.5  ||  1/25

Y is for Yogurt

(Not an advertisement for Chapman’s Frozen Yogurt. But this stuff is damn good)


ISO 800  ||  38 mm at f/4.0  ||  1/160


Z is for Zoom

Long exposures are SO FUN. I really want to do another one soon. I love how this happy accident shot turned out. Bryan raved about it. Which I count as pretty high praise, indeed. 🙂


ISO 100  ||  75 mm at f/10  ||  20.0 seconds

Bonus shot because long exposures are fun:

Look at all those zoom-y lights!


ISO 100  ||  28 mm at f/10  ||  20 seconds

So that’s it for February! Which was your favorite photo from this theme? Check out the whole project here.

2015 Photo Project: VWXYZ

2015 Photo Project: QRSTU + Bryan + River Valley

I knew that I needed to head back to the same spot where I snapped the river valley photo from last month before the end of February, so, on Saturday, with the sun high and blinding in the sky, I set out for a solo photo walk along the river. While it was beautiful and refreshing, it was also treacherous. The weather has been so all over the place lately, the path was pretty much sheer ice and I found myself on my ass more than once. Worth it, though. I snagged a few good shots.

Q is for Quilt

My grandma made this quilt for me for Christmas five or so years ago and I have slept under it nearly every day since.


R is for Riverboat


S is for Street Sign


T is for Table


U is for Under the Bridge

This image is a throwback to one of the very first images I took with my upgraded point and shoot a couple of years ago, when I first began learning about more advanced photography. I am still really proud of that original shot, and I like the juxtaposition between the two.


Now I have the easiest letters in the alphabet left: VWXYZ. :-S

February Portrait of Bryan

Bryan turned 25 last weekend, so we celebrated at Julio’s Barrio. With sparklers, of course. This photo was taken on my phone, obviously, but I quite like it; I think the sparkler came out really well, and the graininess adds to the mood.


February River Valley Shot

Quite a different mood in this shot compared to January’s!


Bonus Shot Just Because I Like It

As I was walking – okay, slipping and sliding – my way back to the apartment, I happened to glance down and see this little guy, clear as day. It was too perfect, I had to take a picture.


Find the rest of the photo project here. I am trying out a new gallery plug-in; let me know what you think!

2015 Photo Project: QRSTU + Bryan + River Valley

2015 Photo Project: JKLMNOP

This month’s challenge has been so fun! I love being able to use stuff around the apartment, and it is an interesting exercise to stand in the middle of the living room, looking around and pondering, “Hmm, what do we have that starts with an O?” The subsequent attempts to photograph these every day objects in (hopefully) interesting ways is also an adventure. I hope that you are enjoying the series so far! Do you have a favorite image?

J is for Jar


K is for Keys


L is for Lighter


M is for Mordecai the Cactus


N is for Notebook


O is for Origami


P is for Plant





Find the rest of the photo project here.

2015 Photo Project: JKLMNOP

2015 Photo Project: GHI

Chugging somewhat slowly along with February’s theme, here are the next three images! What has been your favorite so far?

G is for Game


We babysat for our good friends the other night, and the evening involved several games of Uno (which I LOVE). Playing games is one of the best parts of hanging out with kids.

H is for Hat


My owl – Hooligan – wearing my Delta Gamma sailor hat. (Full disclosure: I totally named him just now because puns are hilarious.)

I is for Instrument


There is just something about a guitar, you know?

Full photo project here.

2015 Photo Project: GHI