When The Universe Speaks, You Listen

I am not a religious person. I am not even sure that I believe in a god of any sort. However, I do believe that there are forces outside of our comprehension that work in our lives in ways that we aren’t even aware of. And when these forces start talking, I think it’s in our best interests to listen.

For a while, I have been struggling with what steps to take next. Though I love the life that I am living quite a lot, still, it felt like things weren’t quite right, like I was straining to figure out which direction to turn next, like I wasn’t quite all in, not quite all there. Bryan and I discussed moving back to Edmonton. I was constantly looking for an escape hatch, a trap door I could throw myself down where nothing was permanent and I didn’t have to make any decisions.

Then, during my informal performance review last week, I was told that I was “killin’ it.” Notes from the universe, volume one.

The next day, during my time with the kids in the afternoon, three of the girls said to me, “Ms Jess, are you going to be here next year? You’re soooo nice, we’ll be so sad if you aren’t!” Okay, universe, I’m listening.

Then, this week, I was informed that my name had been put forward for a position at work that I never would have considered for myself, that would be an intense challenge, and would require us to stay right where we are, for at least a year.

Hmm. Now I’m really listening.

I haven’t made any decisions yet. Maybe some people make major life decisions in a day, but I’m not one of those. But the universe has certainly caught my attention.

When The Universe Speaks, You Listen