When Gratitude Isn’t Enough


It has always bothered me a little bit when people say that, in order to be happy, you just have to be grateful for everything that you have. That to me implies that if you aren’t perfectly content with your life, it’s because you aren’t grateful for it, which just completely ignores myriad other contributing factors. I’m not arguing that gratitude isn’t important; it is, and mightily so. But I think there’s a caveat: gratitude works wonders when you are already doing everything that you can to move towards authenticity and the life that you want for yourself. If you are just sitting on your hands, watching the world pass you by and hoping that everything you want will eventually come to you if you are just¬†grateful enough, then I think that you will be waiting a long time. Gratitude can work wonders, but I do not believe for a second that it can fix everything.

Because you also have to have hustle. You also have to be putting in the hard work required to get you where you want to go. If you combine gratitude and hustle, then I think you are well on your way. Which is exactly the magic combination that I am working on right now.

What are you hustling for right now?

When Gratitude Isn’t Enough

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